Friday, April 18, 2014

Smith Tennis, Spring 2014

This site has been badly neglected this year since the author has been recovering from medical leave. The team, however, has continued to work together, improve dramatically, enjoy each other and boldly and proudly represent Smith Tennis and Smith College. They are heading into their final spring match on Saturday, April 19 and we invite anyone in the area who may read this blog to come and join us. The match is scheduled for 2pm at the outdoor courts of Smith (weather permitting). Smith is hosting Roger Williams. You will find this Smith team fun to watch on court, enthusiastic and dedicated. Players to watch include Kelli Cheung at number one. Watch out if you are on the other side of the net from her when she sets up for a forehand. It will be swift and decisive. Keep an eye on Margaret Anne Smith. She will get to every ball and just when you think you have the point, she will surprise you and get the ball back! Ruth Yi is our captain. Multi-talented, you may never know the shot that Ruth will fire at you. She can drive, roll angle topspin or lob when you least expect it. Seema Samawi and Kathryn Dernbach bring their experience to the table as well. Our lone senior, Jinan Martiuk has an unorthodox style that often unnerves her opponent. She is cagey and competitive and tough to beat. Keep an eye on our other first years and first year competitors as well. They are providing the depth, talent and fresh enthusiasm so needed to develop a great team. The team looks to compound their strength, experience and, hopefully, wins this coming fall as all but Jinan will be returning. In addition, we welcome Jordan Dubin back from her year abroad and she will be joined by the incoming recruits. She is our talented player/captain who will give additional strength at the top of the line-up. Smith Tennis looks to end this season strong and prepare for an even better fall! Stay tuned on this site. It is back in action!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Smith Tennis Hosted Wellesley in Season Opener, Fall2013

Smith Tennis had their opening match against Wellesley College on Saturday, September 7th. To base Smith’s success on the score would be erroneous. Although Smith Tennis was beaten by Wellesley 9-0, the numbers do not talk about the whole-hearted and resilient fight that every player of Smith Tennis had. Smith Tennis gave it all on the court and proudly, sportsmanship accompanied every point in every game. One match is behind and there are others ahead. In spite of the loss, all players agreed that the match against Wellesley was a learning experience for the next matches. They are all working hard on different strategies and are determined to be stronger. Smith Tennis is once again driven by positivity, passion, determination and persistence. There is a lot to look forward to in this season. Each player of Smith Tennis possesses astounding skills and amazing potential. Most importantly, they all share companionship and encourage one another. It is remarkable how unified the team is this year, especially three weeks since the beginning of pre-season. Our success as a team this season may not be reflected by the ending score, it is represented by our foundation of continual growth as competitors and teammates. This foundation proved to be strengthened during this match and will give us the humble morale needed to stay strong for rest of the season.
The next match of Smith Tennis will not be until September 21st hosting Babson College. On September 22nd, Smith will head off to Norton, MA to play against Wheaton College. A double header weekend! Check our blog for more updates about Smith Tennis!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Smith Tennis Is Ready For The Fall Of 2013

After a long break, Smith Tennis is back on the courts and is ready for the competition! This year, Smith Tennis is welcoming a vibrant and passionate group of six new players to join our amazing six returning players. Smith Tennis is grateful to have fresh spirit and energy! Pre-season started on August 26th, which consisted of two sessions per day. The players, thrilled for the season, show their enthusiasm and perseverance on the court. They all work really hard to improve their game every day. We have recently added a physical-conditioning component that requires a lot of lifting and jumping. It is a 7-minute workout, short but very intense and it involves squats, lunges, pull-ups, push-ups, and others. However, pre-season was a time for fun and bonding activities! Amidst the US Open, the team got together to watch some matches. There is no doubt that the US Open has served as an inspiration for the team. There is great chemistry among the members of Smith Tennis and they all share passion and determination. Smith Tennis looks forward for this coming season and the great experiences ahead!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Tennis Reunion Time At Smith

The 135th Smith College commencement took place this past Sunday, May 19, with all of the traditional receptions, dinners and special events over the course of the weekend. It was an exciting time for all graduating seniors and returning alums. On the other side of the campus on Saturday, after the Ivy Day celebration, there was another special event: the annual Smith tennis alumnae gathering. This is not a traditional reception where visiting and eating were the main activities; this was a round robin tennis event where players from as early as 1988 competed with recent grads, family and friends.  Let's hear it for that great lifetime sport of tennis! The afternoon was a wonderful sharing of memories, both recent and past. If you know of any alumnae who are eager to catch up with Smith Tennis, please let them know that we have a facebook page to remember our history. (smithcollegetennisalums) We plan to hold this event annually!
There will be a similar tennis gathering on Saturday, May 25 during the second reunion weekend. Please join us at the outdoor courts fron 2:30-4pm if you are on campus or in the area.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Monday, April 22, 2013

Smith Tennis Ends Season with Double Header

Smith hosted two Rhode Island schools on Saturday, April 20.   Salve Regina and Roger Williams graced the Smith courts in a full day of double header tennis.  Salve defeated Smith 6-3 and Roger Williams took the second match 8-1 but both matches were filled with exciting tennis and excellent individual performances.  Captain Jordan Dubin led the field with three wins for the day.  Jordan paired up with Tessy Lopez in the first match to bring in the number one doubles win against Salve Regina.  Jordan went on to win the number one singles match in a decisively played match against Kasey Walther 7-5, 6-1.  She was joined in wins by Jinan Martiuk, who  brought in a win for the Pioneers at number 6 singles.   Coach Christine Davis commented that "Jinan hustles and thinks on the court using every bit of tennis talent she owns.  She is fun to watch compete".
Jordan Dubin
No excuses were made as the team headed out to play as many as four individual matches in the day.  Jordan started strong and impressed all on the bleachers with her top level DIII tennis play in the match against Roger Williams' number one player, Tracy Klein.   Jordan won 6-0, 6-4 in a decisive well-executed game.   Davis was very pleased with Jordan's performance of the day and commented that "she played with determination and poise".  Jordan Dubin was selected as this week's Smith Athlete of the Week.   Congratulations to Jordan.

Smith Competes in Historic Seven Sisters' Tennis Championship

Buoyed up by quotes from John Wooden, who many think is "the greatest college coach in the history of any sport" *,  Smith Tennis took to the courts on April 13 and 14 in the historic Seven Sisters' Tennis Championship.  The tournament was held at Vassar College and eventually won by Vassar in the five-team round robin event.  
Jinan Martiuk

Fearless, spirited and positive describes those at the heart of the team.  They stepped up to the competition with few excuses.  The Smith Tennis Team made their mark, not by their wins, but by their brave hearts and eager, positive responses to competitive opportunities.  One player, who made her cameo intercollegiate tennis experience in this event, was heard saying following each of her matches:  "That match was so much fun!"

The tournament official commented on how upbeat many of the Smith players were on the court.  "Who would not want to be a part of such a positive team?" commented an opposing assistant coach.

This spirited team is made up of predominantly first years.  Look out because this team knows the meaning of hard work and sees their potential for the future.  Who knows what they will be able to achieve.  The majority certainly gave their best this weekend.

"Success in the peace of mind that is the direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you did your best to become the best you are capable of becoming."  John Wooden

John Wooden was named  the greatest college coach of all time by Sporting News in 2009.  His teams earned 10 NCAA basketball Championships during his reign at UCLA.  "He shared the values and life lessons he passed to his players, emphasizing success that’s about much more than winning."  -TED, IdeasWorthSpreading