Sunday, March 29, 2015

Smith challenges Conn College and Simmons but cannot secure the win.

The Smith Tennis Team played Conn College Saturday, March 28 and Summons College on March 29.  The match score for both was 2-7 but the competition was much closer then the scores indicate. The Camels from Connecticut arrived to the Smith campus after losing 3-6 to MHC but their spirits were not dampened as they shut out Smith in doubles and gained 4 victories in singles. At one point Smith had the upper hand on the third doubles court. Seema Samawi and Kelli Cheung were up 7-4 but failed to close out the match allowing the Conn College pair to rally back for a 9-7 victory. Co-captains Jordan Dubin and Ruth Yi took the number 2 doubles to a tiebreak but the duo could not convert the win ultimately losing 7-9 in the tiebreak.  In singles, Samantha Peikes and Seema Samawi settled the score with two well fought wins. Sam's courageous rush and crush style served her well against Warren from Conn College as Sam turned a 7-5, 4-6 split set into a victory by capturing the deciding tiebreaker 10-6. Seema fought through her first set over Conn College's Kalia with a 7-6 (7-5 breaker) and xcruised to a 6-1 second set for the win.

Sunday, Smith returns to their home courts to take on Simmons College. Even though Smith juggled line up combinations, Simmon's doubles were too strong for the Puoneers leaving Smith down 0-3 at the start of singles. Dubin was forced to withdraw in singles because of a foot injury. Everyone stepped up a position and Ruth Yi entered the line up at number 5 singles. This was Ruth's singles debut after her ankle injury. Hopefully, with a few days rest, Jordan wilL re-enter the starting line-up.  Seema had a repeat winning performance in singles against Khoury and Margaret Anne Smith re-joined the winning ranks by posting solid straight set victories over number 3 singles Downey of Simmons. Margaret Anne played with her usual patient and persistent style outlasting her opponent with a 6-2, 6-1 victory at number 3 singles.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Spring Break in Newport, Rhode Island Proved a Smashing Success!

Smith Tennis had a decisive 9-0 victory against Salve Regina on Monday, March 16 in Providence, Rhode Island.

Smith College Tennis Team at Newport, RI
Rebounding from the loss to Bates at the end of February, the Smith Tennis Team began to re-group prior to their spring break trip.  The team re-evaluated and reviewed their mission and goals and, as the sport psychologists say about forming cohesive groups, did some new "forming" and "storming" in order to start "performing".

The team adjusted their departure schedule from Smith on Sunday and weathered the cold and windy conditions to arrive in time to cheer for Smith lacrosse.  The lacrosse team also had a weekend match against Salve Regina.

Team members made many sacrifices over the course of the mini break except in terms of cuisine.  Nutrition was a priority and the team took full advantage of the opportunities offered.  From sushi to cheesecake to co-captain Ruth's culinary skills, the team dined in high fashion forming a stronger bond with every meal!

The weekend weather was not yet ready to cooperate for tennis and the tennis team was forced indoors for practice on Sunday and match play on Monday.  The short one hour intense warm up/practice session seemed to energize the group late Sunday afternoon in preparation for match play the following day.

Salve Regina was unable to clear their courts of the snow and ice on Monday and all agreed to play indoors in Providence.  Everyone on the team cooperated with location changes, line-up changes, and doubles partnership changes in order to allow the majority of players a chance to compete.  It is often said that the most valuable members of a team are the ones who can stay positive and make contributions to the team while on the bench.  Ruth Yi, Andrea Tanco and Anje Block should be commended for their positive contribution to the team from the sidelines.

The team was ready when they struck the first ball in doubles against the Seahawks on Monday and the momentum carried over into the singles with all but one player for the Pioneers winning in straight sets.  Smith Tennis showed their support for one another and their on-court competitive potential on March 16 with a solid 9-0 victory.

Smith faces Connecticut College and Simmons at home on March 27 and 28 respectively.  Come join us and see this team in action if you are in the area.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Smith Posts Victory In Opening Spring Match

Smith Tennis defeated Curry College 8-1 in a decisive win in their opening season match on February 22 at the Indoor Track and Tennis Facility at Smith.

The match day began with the tradition of the playing of the national anthem prior to play but there was something very special about the presentation.  An a cappella rendition of the national anthem was presented by Margaret Anne Smith, a member of the Smith Tennis Team.  Her clear  beautiful voice rang through the large indoor facility as all stood silently.  She set the tone for the day and reminded us all of the many talents possessed by Smith students.  It was a gift that all those in attendance appreciated and will never forget!

The Pioneers seemed full of positive energy and enthusiasm and you could feel the electricity in the air as "match day" began.  The third doubles team of Seema Samawi, senior from Syria paired up with Baddriyyah Alsbah, one of the newest team members of the team hailing from Kuwait, to claim the first point for Smith. The two had a clean sweep 8-0 victory finishing their match in record time.  Margaret Anne Smith, sophomore from Spring Lake NJ, and Samantha Peikes, first year from West Hartford, CT,  continued the trend with an 8-3 win at 1 doubles.  The two, playing first doubles, complimented each other as they roll angled returns, power blocked shots and dominated the net in aggressive style.  Number 2 doubles was not as fortunate as senior captain, Ruth Yi,  rolled her ankle in the ninth game giving Curry their only point and forcing Aleaxandra Steck and Ruth to retire their match.

Christine Yee, sophomore from South San Francisco, started a trend in the singles wins at number 5 with a 6-0, 6-0 victory.  Jordan Dubin, senior co-captain from Southampton NY, at 2 singles, Samantha Peikes at 3 singles, Margaret Anne at 4 singles followed suit with 6-0, 6-0 victories as well.  Kelli Cheung, sophomore from Plainfield NJ, took charge in her first set with a 6-0 win but found herself in a battle for the second set where she had to rely on patience and persistence to claim the second set victory 7-5.  Katie Hazen rounded out the varsity singles line-up with a 6-1, 6-1 win giving the Pioneers a 1-0 start to the spring season.  In exhibition play,  Breanna Parker, first year from Iowa and new to Smith Tennis, left her winning mark with a 6-0, 6-1 victory.  It was a great start to the season!

The 6am practices continue as the team will prepare for an away match against Bates this coming Saturday, February 28.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Is It Spring Yet? Smith Tennis says "Yes"!

The calendar indicates that it is time for spring tennis to begin but nothing looks like spring in New England.  With mounds of snow and ice and sub-zero temperatures, the Smith College Tennis Team is braving the elements for their traditional 6am practices.  So far they have survived, and the first match is scheduled in the ITT (indoor Track and Tennis Facility) on Sunday, Feb 22 at 1pm vs Curry College.  We would love to see our tennis fans at the match.  Please join us if you can.

February 28, Smith will be traveling to Bates.  The complete Smith Tennis schedule can be found on

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Smith Tennis Invites You To Continue To Follow Us

The Smith Tennis Team will stay active with off-court activities throughout the winter.  Fundraising, community service and some fun bonding activities will be a few of the themes during the off season.  Check in every so often to see what we are up to.  Thanks for following us this fall.
Smith College Tennis Team, Fall 2014

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Smith Tennis Ends Fall Season On A Winning Note

Co-Captain,  Jordan Dubin

Smith Tennis culminated their fall season with a series of wins in NEWITT . Smith had a slow start on day 1 of the event with all four doubles teams entered for the Pioneers moving into consolation draws. On day 2 , all turned around and Smith posted 8 individual wins for the Pioneers. Kelli Cheung and Jordan Dubin defeated a Trinity team before having to call their match against Brandeis due to rain. Senior Seema Samawi had a three set "cliff hanger" win over a Trinity player. The team of Margaret Anne Smith and Samantha Peikes were undefeated for Saturday in team play defeating a team from MHC followed by a win over a Trinity team. 

Smith Tennis!  Finish Strong, Finish Together, Encourage One Another, All with Grace!
This year's event was a testimony to Smith's late season commitment to teamwork as all members of the available team were pulled into action. Special acknowledgement goes to Jimin Lee for stepping into doubles last minute with Katie Hazen. Praise and acknowledgement to Poorni Arunachalam for coming at the last hour to pair up with Seema Samawi in Christine Yee's place on day 2 as Christine was rushed to emergency. All
Kelli Cheung
survived. Christine has recovered and Smith defined the word "teamwork" by showing what it means to be there for each other. That support was key to their Saturday successes.

The historic NEWITT has taken on many forms over the years but the value of the event and dedication of the coaches who serve as tournament directors has remained strong. The Williams College coach, Alison Swain, and the MIT coach, Carol Matsuzaki, were the co-directors this year as Smith, Mount Holyoke and Amherst were the tournament sites.   64 doubles teams representing 17 schools made up the draws. Each doubles team competed against their opponents in both singles and doubles. The intricate yet efficient format provided ultimate play for all schools . 

The winners of the event were:
Williams:  A flight 
Williams:  B flight 
Babson:   C flight 
Simmons: D flight

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Final Dual Match of Fall for Smith

Smith Tennis hosted the MIT Beavers in a match dedicated to Rally For The Cure on Saturday, October 11.  The cold rainy day turned sunny but not before Smith was down 3-0 in doubles. The singles was played in two venues with exhibition matches of Christine Yee, Katie Hazen, Poorni Arunachalam and Jimin Lee continuing indoors while Kelli Cheung, Ruth Yi and Samantha Peikes started on the dry outdoor courts. Seema Samawi, Margaret Anne Smith and Alexandra Steck rounded out the singles play. Experience was gained but few games scored for the Pioneers as they faced the formidable yet gracious MIT team now ranked 1 in the conference. The final match score was 9-0 for the Engineers. This rounds out dual match play for Smith Tennis. Smith will take the next two days off and be back in action getting ready for the historic NEWITT event hosted by Smith, Mount Holyoke and Amherst on October 17-19.